• Jamacia Williams

What's in a name?

Ever wondered how Happy Brown Girl got its name? With these products, I wanted to advocate for the mental wellbeing of black women consumers. While self care is important for people of all backgrounds (and HBG welcomes all consumers!), black women in particular are often placed in roles in which they have to be the backbone of their families and communities. This can mean putting others' needs ahead of their own mental health.

Happy Brown Girl products encourages black women consumers to take a moment of calm. Moving forward, this platform will celebrate the often overlooked successes of black women. Additionally, it will raise awareness about the disparities in and threats to black women's mental health. Here's how:

1. HBG will highlight at least one amazing black woman on its social media for its weekly "Woman Crush Wednesday". (Followers are encouraged to nominate the amazing black women they know! More on that to come.

2. HBG will share articles, facts and mental health resources targeted towards black women on the blog ( and social media outlets.

3. By August 2021, HBG aims to identify one nonprofit organization (preferably local to Louisville or Kentucky) which support the wellbeing of black women and girls. HBG will donate 10% of all sales to this organization.

As you can see, Happy Brown Girl is much more than another beauty line. Each purchase serves a purpose. Thank you for continued support. Here's to happier living! ❤

Jamacia "Macy" Williams

Founder and Owner

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